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Welcome to Northampton Dental Specialists Group

With more than 25 years of experience, Northampton Dental Specialists Group uses the latest technology to provide you with a high-quality, comfortable dental experience. Our advanced training in many facets of dentistry allow us to perform most procedures right here in our Northampton, MA office.

We understand that dentistry can be a stressful experience for some people, which is why Drs James Clayton Jr, Boriana Canby, Claire Edwards, and Alfred Lutaaya strive to create a relaxed, friendly office environment, where your needs and concerns will be met with compassion.


Dental Exams and Cleaning

Dental Exams

Being faithful to your scheduled dental exam & cleaning appointments helps ensure that your teeth are always clean and free of plaque.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

For most people, looking your best means having teeth that are healthy, attractive and white. We help you & your teeth look and feel at their very best.

Oral Cancer Screening


X-rays have been a mainstay of dentistry for decades. These images give our dentists the opportunity to provide an accurate diagnosis and treat problems.

Dental Emergency


There are quite a few scenarios where your loved one may require emergency dental care. We are here to support you in your time of need.

Dental Crown


Dental crowns are artificial caps that are placed on top of a tooth that has been damaged or stained. Crowns are also commonly used during the placement of dental implants to provide a natural look.

Dental Bridge


Having dental bridges placed is a very common treatment technique used for the replacement of missing teeth. Patients are sometimes surprised to learn how many types of dental bridges are available.

Dental Bonding


Dental Bonding is a cosmetic procedure used for a variety of situations, depending upon the desires of the patient. A resinous material is used in this type of procedure, which closely matches the color of surrounding teeth.

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Meet Our Dentists

A resident of Northampton since 1982, Dr. Clayton has been practicing dentistry and enjoying the Pioneer Valley, and all it has to offer ever since his arrival in 1982. “In our modern King Street office, we can provide comprehensive dental care under one roof. My goal for my patients is to deliver the best care possible in a sensible approach that we can both agree upon.”

Having been a dentist in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for almost ten years, Dr. Canby worked in an educational setting, as an Assistant Professor at the I.P. Pavlov Medical University and ran her own practice. Upon arriving in the U.S., she attended dental school at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2006, with her U.S. DMD degree.

COVID-19 Update

Northampton Dental Specialists Group is open for all treatments and are taking exceptional precautions to comply with safety regulations and best practice as a result of Covid-19 dentistry.

All appointments are taking place but your experience will be a little different compared to what you might be used to. Our team makes sure you are fully prepared for the extra safety measures and wants you to have the smoothest and safest possible experience.

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