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Dr. Boriana Canby

Originally from Bulgaria, a small country in Eastern Europe, Dr. Canby moved to the United States in 2000 and to the Valley one year later. “I loved Northampton right away—the inclusive and welcoming community, the unique culture of acceptance and kindness, and the abundance of places where one can enjoy nature in all seasons.”

Having been a dentist in Plovdiv, Bulgaria for almost ten years, Dr. Canby worked in an educational setting, as an Assistant Professor at the I.P. Pavlov Medical University and ran her own practice. Upon arriving in the U.S., she attended dental school at the University of Pennsylvania and graduated in 2006, with her U.S. DMD degree. “I was retested on everything I already knew, but no regrets at all. It was worth it, since I couldn’t imagine doing anything else but dentistry. I love everything about being a dentist: working with people, hearing their concerns, and doing everything I can to ease their discomfort, as well as restore their smiles and dental health”

Dr. Canby currently lives in Easthampton with her sweet cat, Jack. “I love the outdoors and nature, and feel very lucky to be living in the Valley—the perfect spot for hiking, kayaking, and biking. Yoga and swimming are my favorite forms of exercise. Gardening and growing a small orchard in my yard is becoming a favorite new hobby as well. I enjoy travel far and near, taking road trips when I have the chance and visiting family in Europe when I am able.”