5 Ways to Fix a Chipped Tooth, Depending on the Amount of Damage

Our teeth can be vulnerable to harm. A forceful collision, a sudden stumble, or even biting something too hard can lead to a cracked or broken tooth. Fortunately, various dental solutions are available to help mend a damaged tooth. 

Our teeth have strong enamel, the strongest material in our body. However, it is not able to repair itself as our bones can. This means that once it gets damaged, be it a crack, break, or chip, it cannot heal itself and needs to be repaired. To get it fixed, you can avail yourself of various dental restoration options. Popular ones include the following:

1. Filling

Dental fillings repair a damaged tooth by removing the affected area and sealing it with a filling material. The filling material can vary from gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or composite resin. Some clinics now offer tooth-colored non-metal fillings just as strong as metal-based restorations. The process is relatively simple, and the cost of the treatment will depend on the filling chosen.

2. Bonding

Teeth bonding is a dental procedure that uses a composite resin to fix minor issues on a person’s tooth. The composite resin matches the patient’s tooth color, the tooth’s surface is roughened, and a conditioning liquid is applied. The composite resin is then applied, shaped, and polished to make it look natural. It is a relatively inexpensive and fast process for repairing minor flaws in the teeth, such as chipped or cracked teeth, covering holes, and filling small gaps.

3. Dental Crowns

A dental crown is an effective way to repair a severely chipped or cracked tooth. This involves placing a cap on the damaged tooth to cover it up and restore its appearance. The dentist will inspect the affected tooth, and a root canal may be necessary if decay occurs. The tooth will then be trimmed down to make room for the crown. A temporary crown may be applied initially; the patient will return a few days later to have the permanent crown installed. 

Some dental clinics have the technology to create permanent crowns quickly, so they can be applied in a single visit. This treatment is often recommended for teeth that are severely worn down. It can also improve the shape and color of the teeth by covering them up with more attractive crowns. If you have a chipped tooth, getting a dental crown may be the best option instead of just a filling or bonding.

4. Veneers

Choosing to get dental veneers is an effective way to fix minor imperfections in your teeth. The procedure involves affixing thin shells to the front of your teeth to cover any damage or discoloration. Veneers come in two varieties: porcelain, which is more long-lasting and can last up to 15 years, and resin-based composite, which is a bit less durable and usually wears off in eight years. With veneers, you can have a beautiful, healthy-looking smile with minimal invasiveness compared to dental crowns.

5. Root Canal

When a chipped tooth has reached a point where the damage has become too severe, a root canal may be necessary. Following an x-ray to determine the extent of the infection, an anesthetic will open and clean the tooth, allowing the damaged pulp to be removed from the inner area. This is followed by the tooth being sealed with a filling or another method to protect it from further damage.


Chipped teeth can be fixed in various ways depending on the amount of damage. Dental bonding, crowns, veneers, and fillings are some of the most common treatments for a chipped tooth. Regardless of the cause, it is important to consult a dental professional to determine the best action. With the right treatment, a chipped tooth can be repaired and restored to its original state.

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